Amfiteatrul Transilvania 

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Příjezd: 14:00 - 22:00
Odjezd: 07:00 - 11:00
Pokojů: 10
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Amfiteatrul Transilvania is a sustainable resort with an 100 ha estate. The rooms are located in 200-year old restored buildings, where hay used to be stored.

The paint used for the indoors of the units are hand made from plants and fruits. They also have beamed ceilings and functional furnishings, made of wood and other natural materials.

You have various options to reconnect with nature at Amfiteatrul Transilvania resort, such as a horse farm, a goat farm, and a strawberry garden. The vegetable garden is the main source of fresh products for the meals served here. There is also an aromatherapy rustic room, where you can enjoy traditional beverages and sweets. This property organises an array of activities for their guests, such as horse riding, survival classes, detox programs. Children have a playground where they can spend their time in the middle of the nature.

At Amfiteatrul Transilvania you can enjoy freshly prepared dishes, mostly with ingredients that come from the on-site farms and gardens. The needs of vegan or vegetarian guests are also catered to. You can taste here birch sap, home-made wine, herbal and fruit teas, and traditional fruit alcoholic beverages.

Moieciu de Sus in 10 km from this accommodation, while Brasov can be reach in 60 minutes by car. Sibiu Airport is 163 km from here.


Obrázek polohy hotelu na mapěon-line mapGEO:45.45567,25.3308

DN73F, 62 C, 507131 Moieciu de Jos

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